Clear Aligner Orthodontics in Jersey, GA

Ready to finally achieve your best, straightest smile? Georgia Dental Studio offers nearly invisible orthodontic treatment with SureSmile clear aligners! Custom-made aligners can allow you to have the healthy, aligned smile you've been waiting for, discreetly boosting both the health and appearance of your smile.

Doctor and dental assistant with orthodontics patient at Georgia Dental StudioDr. Albergotti and Dr. Till use top technologies to deliver modern treatments, including SureSmile® orthodontics! Aligners are custom-created using top technologies, to ensure results our patients can be proud of.

What is SureSmile®?

The SureSmile® clear aligner orthodontic system offers faster, more efficient treatment times compared to traditional dental braces. In fact, for many patients, SureSmile aligners can reduce overall treatment times by as much as 40%. For patients who are ready for straighter, healthier smiles, but are not looking forward to the prospect of uncomfortable metal wires and brackets, SureSmile is often an ideal solution.

Using discreet, custom-fitted clear aligners to gently move the teeth into alignment with precision and speed, SureSmile technologies allow your dentist to view the teeth in 3D from every angle, and then plan treatment accordingly. The aligners are created using a computer technology, activated by body heat.

SureSmile aligners have many advantages over traditional dental braces, including the following:

  • Fewer dentist appointments required throughout treatment
  • Reduced discomfort and soreness
  • Better, more accurate results
  • Shorter length of treatment
  • Discreet, invisible aligners
  • No dietary restrictions required

Is SureSmile® Right for Me?

The SureSmile system can be helpful to our patients Better precision means better results and a much straighter smile. SureSmile® also reduces the amount of discomfort by maximizing the effectiveness of dental wires.

Generally, brace wearers dislike adjustment appointments because they cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, SureSmile is able to take most of these appointments out of the equation, and leave the teeth healthier and straighter. SureSmile offers fantastic results to people of any age – the only prerequisite is generally healthy teeth and gums.

What does getting SureSmile® aligners involve?

The friendly staff at Georgia Dental Studio with an orthodontics patientInitially, your dentist will want to check the mouth for signs of decay and disease. If any irregularities are noted, they will need to be addressed before your SureSmile® aligners are applied.

At Georgia Dental Studio, the first stage of orthodontic treatment involves a consultation and planning. A 3D model of the teeth will be created using a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) device or an OraScanner. The images available to your dentist will be sharp enough to reveal the exact position of every tooth, root, nerve and blood vessel.

The dentist is able to simulate how different treatments will change the orientation of the teeth with 3D software. Every angle is examined and different approaches are considered. With this advanced software, your dentist will be able to predict the final position of your bite and realigned smile.

After your treatment has been fully planned, SureSmile technology will be used to create your shape-memory archwire, designed to assert gentle, constant pressure on the teeth to gradually shift them into the desired position. The main difference between the SureSmile® archwire and the traditional archwire is the technology involved. Rather than returning to our Jersey, GA dentist office every few weeks to have your orthodontic treatment adjusted, the SureSmile archwire will tighten automatically. This means each adjustment will be more comfortable, dental visits should be less frequent, and results should be achieved faster with SureSmile!

How Much Does SureSmile Cost?

The total cost of your SureSmile aligner treatment will depend on the necessary treatment length and any preliminary procedures required. Fortunately, Georgia Dental Studio is in-network with many major dental insurances and offers additional financing options, including CareCredit and in-house dental discounts, to make every treatment more affordable for our patients.

Contact our office at any time to learn more about the best ways to finance your orthdontic treatment with clear aligners!

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